Data Migration

Data migration is one of the main stages of the migration project at Salesforce. If planned correctly, your chances of using Salesforce CRM effectively will increase.

It can be overwhelming to embark on a data migration phase at Salesforce. Wezana Solutions may be of assistance in data migration. We leverage the leading data migration tools to allow a smooth and seamless transition of data to Salesforce. Our experts have experience and a variety of methods for migration. They understand the complexities of migration and are in a position to provide the right solution for every business.

Moving data in your organization can be difficult. To be successful the team needs the right resources. Moving data between organizations or getting a CRM can eventually be a costly and messy undertaking.

At some point in its development nearly every enterprise has to go through this exhausting process of data migration. Common problems that occur during a data migration by Salesforce include underestimating the complexity of a project, poor planning and not setting aside enough resources. If resolved quickly, these problems will lead to slow app adoption at best and, at worst, to significant customer relationship issues.

Let us help you migrate your data

With our help, we will migrate your data through the following steps:

  • Data Migration Preparation

This stage begins when we examine the CRM of a client to understand the structure of the data stored there, data formats, dependencies among CRM objects, business workflows, and build the migration checklist for data to be transferred. We then define the database tables that the customer uses to start mapping fields from legacy CRM to the corresponding fields in Salesforce CRM. Lastly, we carry out a data quality test to ensure that the data to be transferred is readable, accurate and has no duplicates.

  • Using a Third Party Data Migration Tool or Building a Custom Tool

If the number of records to import is as high as 5,000,000, we may use ready-made software such as Salesforce Data Loader. In this scenario, the process could last a couple of hours. In other instances, we may develop a platform or construct a script to simplify the Salesforce data migration. Implementation strategies rely on the number of moving CRM entities for instance, account, touch, incentive and technical gaps between the old and new CRM data.

  • Data Migration Trial

We conduct data migration testing to see if there are any problems, such as data loss, and the need to develop a migration tool before the final transition of data to new Salesforce CRM takes place.

  • Client Validation of the Data Migration

The client reviews the outcomes of the trial data import for example, comparing a dozen legacy CRM records with the same Salesforce records. If the feedback of the customer is constructive and there is no need for more changes in data mapping and the migration process, the customer validates the migration and approves the project.

  • Final Data Migration and Testing

All data at this point is being transferred from the previous CRM to the new Salesforce system. The data is tested for anomalies such as duplicates or missing parts before going into production. Normally, final data transfer and testing take over the weekend to avoid impacting CRM users with potential effects on live CRM processes.

  • Going Live and Support

Support tasks include assistance to any users who may experience CRM issues.

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