Salesforce for faith-Based organizations

Using Salesforce to Improve Communities Around Faith Based Organizations that build up their Faith

Wezana Solutions is dedicated to being your Faith-Based Organization's Salesforce partner. 

We help faith-based organizations, such as yours, achieve optimum threshold by using the best cloud-based CRM platform. We are focused on transforming the faith-based organizations using Nonprofit Success Pack and other Salesforce for Nonprofits services  to better manage  their members/constituents and meet their goals in the community. 

We look to work with your organization, no matter the faith. We hope to bring unity and make a better world for everyone by implementing best practices that serve you and your community. Your faith matters, and so do you!

member management

Organize and Manage the members of your organization from a centralized platform.

tithes, offerings, & donations

Track and analyze the gifts donated by members, donors and well-wishers of the community.

marketing & engagement

To truly revolutionize their community, churches need to foster interactions and develop ways to convert the passive member to a dynamic, engaged partner in their mission.

program management Nonprofit Cloud allows you to track all your KPI’s and Milestones in one dashboard getting real insights on the impact of your work.

case management

Record, track and solve issues or internal processes within the organization.

integration with third-party apps

Salesforce AppExchange is the world's largest business applications marketplace, home to over 3,000 apps and components that extend Salesforce's reach and functionality.

In his book The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly presented research finding that 7% of Catholics were doing 80% of the work in their churches. Increasing engagement by 1% would lead to an overall increase of 15%. What nonprofit wouldn’t want their membership, donations, activities, and volunteer hours to rise by 15%?

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