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Wezana Solutions’ Team of certified Salesforce developers and administrators is available to give you reliable Salesforce support services and sustainable solutions.



  • 10+ years’ experience in technology solutions
  • The Team is accredited with 12 Salesforce Certifications ranging from Nonprofit to Sales and Service Cloud core to commerce.
  • Worked in 20+ countries across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Let Wezana Salesforce Team do an end-to-end analysis of your Salesforce platform. We will review your Salesforce processes, records, and user roles for proper functioning and develop an efficient and sustainable system.



Daily administration

Routine administration. We configure Salesforce solutions to meet the users’ needs of daily functionalities such as automated workflows, reports, and installation of apps.

Data administration

Data administration. We export and import data so as to clean data that is already stored and remove any duplicates or data that may be wrongly added. 

24/7 System monitoring

24/7 System monitoring. We check for errors in Salesforce performance and fix them so as to prevent critical performance issues.

Monthly health checks

Monthly health checks. We check for inefficiencies in the Salesforce platform and optimize monthly for best performance.

User help desk

User help desk. We answer questions that help our clients in their day-to-day activities so that they may go about their business seamlessly.



Troubleshooting. We promptly react to complex performance/security/other Salesforce issues, which need to be fixed on the code level

System evolution

System evolution. We implement enhancements, including substantial ones, to a Salesforce solution according to change requests and modify default functionality quickly and with no impact to current business operations in Salesforce.


The total cost of support service charged comprises of:

monthly fees

Depending on the scope of service, number of Salesforce users on the client's platform, and the complexity of customization required.

T&M pricing model

Additional to the fixed monthly fees, the extra services outside the scope of support services will be covered according to time and resources for the project.


We are transparent about the work we do but you could engage in our effectiveness using KPIs such as:

No. of cases solved

Average time to resolve a case

escalation rate of a complaint

success rate of service-level agreement

user satisfaction

Support Process

service delivery

Perform the daily routines and the monthly health checks of the Salesforce platform as agreed with the client.


Perform analysis according to client’s needs, recommend solutions and customize their Salesforce platform. 


Provide quarterly reports on assessments performed on the client’s Salesforce platform to help them improve. 

Salesforce products we support

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